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Why Us?

We are inspired and motivated by our customers who harness the power of data to solve important problems, improve their customers’ experience, make their businesses run efficiently and effectively by increasing profitability and, in many cases, literally saving people’s lives!

Data, the lifeblood of all business, is pouring in from sensors, networks, applications, and an ever-expanding horde of connected devices. BUT?

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  • Do enterprises have access to all their data?

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  • Are the teams that need that data waiting in an endless queue?

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  • Are teams creating their own “shadow data” copies and working from it?

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  • Are they able to properly secure and control the data regardless of where it lives?

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  • Are they able to do it efficiently along with solving important problems, improving customers’ experience?

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    All About Us

    We are built on four pillars

    technology, value, security and simplicity

    from our startup stage to our present as a leader in cloud-based data protection for businesses. Our digital services data platform incorporates continuous intelligence that uses real time context data to migrate, modernize and manage multi cloud for their organization.

    We offer robust technology solutions for complicated issues, but we make sure our offerings are easy to use for individuals, for small businesses and enterprises alike, world-class customer support and approachable.

    Our Hybrid Multi Cloud Digital Services Platform has an all in one converged migration, disaster recovery and backup, orchestration and analytics platform that enables digital transformation, along with reducing data loss, downtime and helps seamlessly migrate or manage hybrid workload across multiple cloud or data centers.

    About Us