Our Platform for

Monitoring &

Managed Service

A digital platform that aids your business with monitoring and managed services for seamless execution of your business.

Multi-Cloud Integrated Managed Services

Our Integrated Managed Services is fully automated across the cloud managing and monitoring different cloud infrastructures for better control using enterprise grade tools, proactively identifying and fixing faults much before it impacts your business.

For most organizations, information is created, collected, moved, and stored across multiple locations, in multiple clouds, sensitive data might be kept on-premises, in a private cloud, or under tight access restrictions in a public cloud. Protecting this data in the Cloud infrastructure with 24x7 Network Operating Center proactive identification before it spins with any issues or breakdowns.

Mystikoe Migrate

Migrate offers different database platforms to seamlessly share and consolidate data in real time for proactive, business - critical decision-making. Various Migration platforms for key decisions are as follows:

Mystikoe Manage

Our team of experts are constantly monitoring your IT infrastructure, using enterprise grade tools, proactively identifying and fixing faults much before it impacts your business. We guarantee you with 15 minutes response time with a single-click audit and compliance. Our 24x7 Network Operations Center delivers SLA backed services and proactive identification with resolution of issues. We have multiple delivery models to suit your different requirements.

Our service provides you with repeatable, predictable, and highly effective operational IT processes. We cover end-to-end configuration / change management, fault management, performance management and basic security management across spectrum of network, servers, OS, databases and select applications.

Key Features


24 X 7 Infrastructure Monitoring Through Industry Leading Service Management Platform

End to End Fault Management and Service Restoration

Automated Provisioning Compliance and Audit

Operational Effectiveness by Leveraging Our Standard Compliant Processes

Incident Support and Performance Improvement

Customer Reports and Service Portal

Our service delivers proactive monitoring and analytical tools for an end-to-end insight into your IT infrastructure. It provides visibility in your performance which results in realization of faults, events, capacity, configuration & the overall security of your IT systems in traditional data centers as well as distributed cloud infrastructures.

  • 1
  • 100% scalable architecture

  • 2
  • Add remote sites or OS / App / Device as your network grows

  • 3
  • 24 X 7 monitoring with single view dashboard for entire IT infrastructure

  • 4
  • Monitoring all layers of infrastructure

  • 5
  • Automated ‘first-cause’ analysis

  • 6
  • Information on health of your systems, thresholds, alerts, etc

    Services InfraMonitor InfraManage
    24 X 7 Available Monitoring
    Email Alerts for System Unavailablility
    Call Alerts for System Unavailablility
    Portal Access for Monitoring
    Automated Reports (Availability, Performance, Capacity)
    Automated Probable Cause Analysis
    Incident Management
    System Administration
    Change Management
    Performance Monitoring
    Hardware Vendor Coordination